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About Us

Legacy Technologies Inc. is the successor of two of the oldest names in the glass to metal hermetic seal industry: Houston Electronics Corporation, and HES International.

Houston Electronics of Kane, Pennsylvania manufactured glass to metal seals from 1959 through 1992 under several corporate owners.  HES of Kansas City, Kansas was founded in 1973 and manufactured a similar line of products.  When the two competing companies came under common ownership in 1993, Houston was closed and all manufacturing operations were transferred to the Kansas City facility under the HES name.

Shortly after the consolidation, former Houston employees founded LTI as a competitor to HES, and with the addition of more of Houston's experienced former employees, production was resumed in Kane.  HES meanwhile remained in continuous operation in Kansas City as a division of Oak Industries which was acquired by Corning Inc. in 1998.

On April 1, 2003, LTI purchased the Kansas City operation (HES) from Corning Inc. and continued operation in the same building, utilizing the same equipment and key personnel.

Both the Kane PA and Kansas City facilities operated independendly until May 2008 when LTI completed its new state of the art facility in Mission, Kansas and consolidated the Kane and Kansas City operations into it's new location.

Remtec Joins LTI's Family

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