Legacy Glass to Metal Seals and hermetically sealed packages


Quality control begins at the design stage and carries through the final inspections.  LTI starts by carefully specifying components and materials to be used, and continues by inspecting these materials as they arrive to ensure that they meet exacting standards.
LTI's production process employs the latest equipment including special bell type semi-automatic processing furnaces which ensure consist de-gassing and oxidation levels lot to lot and day to day.  Processing procedures are "locked in" and cannot vary with weather conditions or operators.  In addition to these controls, a sensitive mass spectrometer leak detector is utilized to lot check the integrity of the final product.
LTI inspects 100 percent of all holders produced under lighted magnifying glasses and spot checks with sophisticated microscopes.  Because of the concern and experience of the staff, as well as their attention to detail, LTI's reject rate is less than one percent.  This consistency of quality has been responsible for major cost reductions shared by many of LTI's customers.


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