Metal Frequency Control Stamping

For over 25 years, LTI Stamping has met Industry demands for Precision Metal Stampings, including the Electronics and Medical Professions. Our expertise in Die Design, Die Making and Stampings allow us to meet the most innovative challenges!

The most unique feature of LTI Stamping is the fact that we stamp material as small as .003" x .030" and as large as .020 x 4.750". In Coining Dies, we stamp material thickness up to .065" steel. LTI pierces holes as small as . 020" diameter and rectangles as small as .010" x .050"

"Microscopic examination of parts, tools, and fixtures is supplemented by the use of a Mitutoyo Measuring Scope which measures in increments of .0005". LTI Stamping operates to ISO 9001 standards

With over 30 years experience in machining and over 20 years experience in tooling and CNC, we can meet the most stringent requirements in precision and delivery. Our CAD-CAM system will interface with most system formats to provide the most accurate level of design reproduction.

With our CNC equipment we can consistently hold .002" precision.

LTI Stamping can develop, design and build fixtures, jigs and gages for many applications. We can heat treat and temper tool steels in house providing more control over the quality of the finished part.

All we need is a drawing and specs of the part you desire. We can design and build the stamping tool, purchase material, deburr, degrease and ship your finished parts. Another aspect of LTI Stamping is that we can repair and maintain stamping tools in house.

* Rectangular Covers
* Round Covers
* Eyelets (Terminal Feed Through)
* Washers and Rings
* Hybrid Tubs
* TO-5, TO-8, HC-40, HC-45, HC-42/43
* HC-36, HC-46
* Cold Weld Bases
* Resistance Weld Bases
* Oval Crystal Eyelets
* Clips

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